Be a part of something big.

After many years of prayer we bought land
to build a Christian centre in Krakow, Poland.



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Become an extraordinary funder!

We are happy to inform you that our new Christian Centre has a roof now.
As one important stage comes to an end, it’s a good time to… begin another: windows and exterior doors!
Once again, we would like to invite you to stand by our side.
Below you will find a complete list of windows and doors we need.
Perhaps you can fund one of them? Just send us the money and we will take care of the rest :).

In total, we need about USD 30081 / EUR 28000.
Since 1 January 2016 we have raised:


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Our church has been in Krakow for about 70 years.

We believe. We learn to live with God every day.
We do our best to have a positive impact on every person we meet.
For years we have been renting halls as well as looking for our own place where we could meet and share with others what God has given to us.
We believe that this difficult time is coming to an end. First we bought a piece of land, then we obtained a building permit, and now our new Christian Centre has walls and a roof!
We are excited and determined to make this dream a reality. We want our Christian Centre to serve people who seek help, truth and freedom.

We need about 1,5 million dollars.

Impossible? We replace this word with the ones spoken by Jesus Christ:
„All things are possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23)


How much do we have?

We have been able to collect approx. 700 000 USD.
We are updating the amount below:


How can you help?

If you would like to be a part of our dream, stand by our side.
We are grateful for every donation!

You can donate by wire transfer or PayPal (see below):

PL 24 1020 2892 0000 5202 0400 6607
Kosciol Zielonoswiatkowy Zbor Betlejem w Krakowie
Lubomirskiego 7a
31-509 Krakow Poland

Donate by credit card/PayPal:


Contact us

Our Sunday services take place in ZPiT Krakus hall (1st Floor)
at Reymonta Street 15, Krakow, Poland.
You are more than welcome!

Phone: +48 12 294 44 96 (office)

+48 602 519 534 (pastor Wiesław Didoszak)

Our email:

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